About Us

The mission of the Yarmouth Water District (YWD) is to develop and manage its water resources and infrastructure in such a way as to provide the highest quality water to all its customers

The YWD is a quasi-municipal not-for-profit organization, chartered by the state of Maine in 1923. The YWD serves more than 3,000 homes and businesses through 78.7 miles of water mains. The system has 349 public fire hydrants and 38 private hydrants.

In 2021 the YWD produced more than 296 million gallons of water from its four wells. An additional 75 million gallons were purchased from the Portland Water District to support the Wyman Energy Plant on Cousins Island.

Of Maine’s 153 regulated water utilities, the Yarmouth Water District is below the state average for water rates. The average rate for all water utilities in the state of Maine was $71.19 per quarter.*

* Maine Public Utilities Commission, based on 1,200 cubic foot quarterly rate.

Where YWD water comes from