What We Do

Yarmouth Water District water testingThe Yarmouth Water District monitors each of its four wells daily, to ensure that drinking water meets state and federal standards. Licensed YWD water operators test for more than 86 chemical, bacterial, and viral contaminants on a regular schedule.

Yarmouth Water District hydrant flushing on Bridge Street

Your public water system requires ongoing maintenance to run smoothly and provide clean, safe drinking water. We are continually working to inspect and replace older pipes and other system components to support quality standards and prevent water breaks before they happen. Hydrants are flushed throughout the year to maintain water quality and clarity.

Yarmouth Water District water meter testingWater meters in homes and businesses must be replaced periodically to ensure accurate measurement. The District changes between 300 and 500 meters annually, cleaning, rebuilding if necessary, and recertifying for accuracy. Our water operators also test backflow devices, commonly found on fire sprinkler and irrigation systems, and in commercial settings  where there is potential for backflow into the water supply.

Not only do we address all inquiries and service calls with prompt attention, if we notice an unusual increase in water usage, we will call to alert you of a potential problem or leak.