Water Quality


Cross Connections

pipesCross connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to our public health in the water supply industry.  A cross connection is an physical connection between two separate piping systems, the water supply and another substance of unknown quality. A backflow can occur when the unknown substance flows back into the public water supply as the pressure fluctuates.

The State of Maine requires that all public drinking water suppliers maintain a cross connection control program and devices MUST be inspected annually.

The Yarmouth Water District no longer tests backflow devices. It is the customer’s responsbility to have their device tested and forward those results to the District.

Water Quality Reports

The US Environmental Protection Agency requires all public water suppliers to produce an annual Water Quality Report. The report is published in late spring that includes all the reportable testing completed in the previous year. Notifications are made on the spring bills as to the exact website location of the report. The bills also have a checkbox to request a hard copy of the report to be mailed to your home. Copies are also available at both the Yarmouth and North Yarmouth Town Office, the Merrill Memorial Library, and at our office. If you would like to view/print a copy please click below:

Consumer Confidence Report 2022
Consumer Confidence Report 2021
Consumer Confidence Report 2020
Consumer Confidence Report 2019
Consumer Confidence Report 2018
Consumer Confidence Report 2017
Consumer Confidence Report 2016
Consumer Confidence Report 2015
Consumer Confidence Report 2014
Consumer Confidence Report 2013
Consumer Confidence Report 2012