Behind the scenes at the Yarmouth Water District


The Yarmouth Water District serves as a steward for ponds, rivers, and streams in the watershed, to keep these resources pollution-free.

Infrastructure Maintenance

The YWD comprises 2 standpipes, 78 miles of pipes, and 382 hydrants all of which are assiduously maintained throughout the year.


The Yarmouth Water District changes between 300 and 500 meters annually, cleaning, rebuilding if necessary, and recertifying for accuracy.


Ongoing planning for long-term water needs, infrastructure design, and replacement keeps taps flowing, now and in the future.


The YWD maintains four wells, which we test every morning to ensure that drinking water meets state and federal standards.


All 382 hydrants in the district are flushed routinely to remove sediment, ensuring that your drinking water is clean, clear, and great-tasting.

The Yarmouth Water District's LEED-certified building at 181 Sligo Road was designed to reflect the rural residential character of the neighborhood. The first municipal building in Yarmouth to earn LEED certification, it features solar and geothermal energy sources, so it's energy-efficient and good for the planet.

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Welcome to the Yarmouth Water District

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Board of Trustees meeting

The Board of Trustees meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Yarmouth Water District office. All meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. If you need more information regarding the monthly meetings, please contact Robert MacKinnon, Jr. Superintendent, at 207-846-5821 ext 103.